Super excited to learn today that my nonfiction book – Your Rebel Life – was chosen by Amazon USA as a Great-on-Kindle book!
It joins my first nonfiction book -Your Rebel Dreams- in the program.
Amazon’s Great-on-Kindle program hand selects the highest quality books from the eight million plus titles in their global store.
A huge thanks to my talented interior book designer Jeffrey (Coultier, UK), my amazing editor Stephanie (Parent, USA), and my lovely cover designer Angela (Oltmann, Canada). Thank you for making my books beautiful! You’re an amazing team.
The Rebel Diva nonfiction series is about self-empowerment. I’m a huge believer in taking responsibility for your life, accountability for your thoughts and actions, and steering toward success through hard work, perseverance, a growth mindset, and a strong vision.
This is the way I have got to where I am, starting out in a new country at 19 years old with no one and nothing more than a strong desire to propel me forward. I wrote the Rebel Diva books thinking there might be another young woman out there, feeling lost and alone with a burning desire to create a brand new life.
If I touch just one person and help them achieve their Rebel Dreams in life, I will have done my job!