Book 3 – Your Rebel Life

 100 habit hacks for a healthy & happy lifestyle

FREE 100+ page downloadable workbook inside.

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Do you feel like life is spinning out of control? Do you get pulled in all directions and feel anxious many days? Learn how to take back control and create solid habits that breathe in happiness, harmony and good health into your life.

This book takes you by the hand on a journey of assessing your life and giving you the peace of mind you seek. At the end, you will have designed the lifestyle you desire and need.

In Your Rebel Life, you’ll explore:

  • The ten key pillars of your life and the impact they have on your well-being.
  • The ten easy habit hacks that make change stick.
  • Specific habits to improve your sleep, eating, exercise, and relationships and more.
  • How to track your progress so you will never go back, only forward.

Inside, you’ll find the key habits for:

  1. My Body & Mind: Sleep health, Nutrition health, Fitness health
  2. My Spirit: Mental health, Spirit health
  3. My Vocation & Learning: Career health, Wealth health, Knowledge health
  4. My Environment & Relationships: Relationship health, Environment health

If you’d like to take back control of your life and create the life you desire, pick up Your Rebel Life today!

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Book Three of the Rebel Diva Empowerment Series, Your Rebel Life by Tikiri Herath