Your Rebel Dreams is a Semi-Finalist!

This past week has been super exciting! Just learned my first nonfiction book – Your Rebel Dreams – was nominated and is now a semi-finalist for the USA Chanticleer book awards in the Instructional and Insightful Non-Fiction category.

So far, my thriller novels have received the most attention with more than a dozen US literary nominations and four awards to date. But my nonfiction books are more staid.

My Rebel Diva nonfiction series is all about planning and creating a new life for those who feel stuck in their careers and lives. This is quite different from the car chases, fast-action and rebel girls who fight for their rights that goes on in my novels!

There are four books in my nonfiction series. Together, they encapsulate everything I’ve learnt on my journey from being an immigrant girl with $20 in my pocket to managing national and international projects in Canada and Europe to becoming a thriller novelist.

The books have quotes, graphics, step-by-step exercises & downloadable workbooks. After all that hard work *time spent on them, it’s feels immensely fulfilling to receive this nomination. I will be opening a bottle of wine to celebrate!