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Are you happy? 

Do you find yourself seeking more happiness in your days? 

I often get asked how to find happiness in life especially during those times when life look like it’s going to hell in a handbasket.

I always thought happiness equaled an amazing career trajectory, a waterfront home and a convertible in the garage. That was until tragedy struck and I felt devastated by an incident no one should ever experience.

It took that soul-gutting event for me to discover what happiness truly meant. It was from this experience, I created the happiness equation.

And this simple formula is what I revert to whenever I feel blue or upset or drowning in a negative mood. 

Watch the video to hear the story and get the Happiness Equation worksheet here:  DOWNLOAD HAPPINESS WORKSHEET 

This video series tackles one self-empowerment topic every episode and shares practical tips to living a happy, healthy and holistic life. Living the Rebel Life means going against the grain and standing in our own power!

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The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath

The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath