Rebel Diva Live Video

Do you get pulled in all directions and find your energy depleted by mid-day? Do you feel like your day spins out of control and nothing gets done? 

Get the one 5-minute morning ritual you can embrace to declutter your mind and create a stress-free day.

In my third Rebel Diva book, Your Rebel Life, I share a habit hack that will transform your day into a more peaceful and productive one. In today’s Rebel Diva live show, I share this most powerful morning tip to reduce my stress levels and have a joyful rest-of-the-day.

Check out the video to discover this meditation technique I learned from an unusual source – the Navy Seals.

This series of videos tackles one self-empowerment topic every episode and shares practical tips to living a happy, healthy and holistic life. Living the Rebel Life means going against the grain and standing in our own power!

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The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath

The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath