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Hello Rebel Divas!

Today, I’ll be sharing a decision making tool to help you tackle tough career choices, like figuring out how and when to change your career or find a new job.

This tool is what helped me make the leap from a golden handcuffed six-figure job to becoming an international thriller novelist. It certainly was not an easy decision and I had many sleepless nights where I tossed and turned and drowned in anxiety.

The day I gained clarity over my dilemma and felt most confident to make my decision was the day I combined this logical decision-making process with my intuition to guide me.

Every Tuesday I go live and share with you nuggets from my career changing, self-empowerment workbooks – The Rebel Diva book series. Come on over and join the conversation!

Watch the video to learn how to use this tool.

The Rebel Diva live video series tackles one self-empowerment topic every episode and shares practical tips to living a happy, healthy and holistic life. Living the Rebel Life means going against the grain and standing in our own power. It means finding the work that brings you joy and following your passions in life!

Choose the career you desire, not what others want for you. 

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The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath

The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath