Red Heeled Rebels Prequel – Beginnings

A young girl. A foreign land. An assassination.

Born of parents from two different countries and living in a third, all Asha wants is to belong. But she’s always the stranger, always the outsider. The day she decides to commit a crime to gain trust and friendship, her whole world collapses. Will this be the end of her life? Or an unthinkable beginning of a new one?

This is a short story of innocence, audacity, and death. This is also the beginning of the adventures of the Red Heeled Rebels, a band of gutsy, sassy, young women who fight for their rights and travel the world to find freedom.

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Red Heeled Rebels Book 1- Disowned

Silver Falchion award nominee in 2018! Dar es Salaam – Goa – Toronto A lost orphan. A forced marriage. A fugitive on the run. Barely a teen, Asha loses her parents to a fiery car crash in Tanzania and is shipped off to a seaside community in tropical Goa, to join her extended family. Soon after, she‘s forced to flee an arranged marriage to the most vile man in the village, and looks for salvation in a new country. Is Asha walking into another trap? Released 1 January 2018 at Amazon and other book retailers near you. Pre-order your copy below!

Red Heeled Rebels Book 2- Abducted

London – Brussels – Luxembourg

A kidnapping. A forbidden place. An escape across borders.

Asha and her best friend, Katy, arrive at Heathrow Airport on their long trek from Toronto, when Katy is kidnapped in broad daylight. Hell bent on finding her, Asha dashes across the city, following a mysterious robed woman to a brothel, embarking on a journey that takes her from London to Luxembourg. Will Katy survive her kidnapping?


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Abducted: A fast-paced, gripping adventure with gusty, sassy heroines – Novel 2 of the Red-Heeled Rebels series (Red Heeled Rebels Book 3)

Red Heeled Rebels Book 3-Exiled

Mumbai – Nairobi – Monaco

A lost friend. A death sentence. A fight for freedom.

Asha arrives in Goa with her newfound friends—The Red-heeled Rebels—hoping to reunite with her missing cousin, only to make an alarming discovery. Asha soon learns that both her cousin and a long lost friend are in grave danger, with a death sentence hanging over one of them. Where are they now, and what will Asha have to sacrifice for their freedom?

Release Date: 2018 on Amazon.