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In 2010, I decided to pivot my career by 180 degrees and follow my passions to create a whole new lifestyle. I planned this career exit with a business and a financial plan and having started to already work in my new field.

One and half years ago, I published my first novel. Every morning I wake up now seems to me like this fantastic opportunity to live in paradise, one I dreamed about and created myself, brick by brick over ten years.

In this week’s video, I share my story and the seven ways your life can change when you follow your passions.

You will:

  • Jump out of bed eager to start the day, every day.
  • Get things done faster and finish your to-do lists, even those challenging projects.
  • Find that learning and research are no longer a chore.
  • Create high quality products because you love what you do.
  • Seek people and venues that fit your dream life.
  • Find that your enthusiasm is contagious and amazing opportunities will show up!
  • Find that the right people will be attracted to you.

Watch the video to get the full story!

This video series tackles one self-empowerment topic every episode and shares practical tips to living a happy, healthy and holistic life. Living the Rebel Life means going against the grain and standing in our own power!

Choose the career you desire, not what others want for you. 

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The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath

The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath