Super excited to be one of the first Canadian, if not global, authors to have my books published on the blockchain infrastructure!

My nonfiction books are now accessible worldwide and can be bought in any global currency seamlessly right now as well as in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc…) in the near future. How cool is that?

This means readers from all four corners of the planet have access to my books now, especially in far flung places where access to Amazon or Kobo is nonexistent and bookstores with international books are in limited supply.

The underlying blockchain infrastructure makes sure my books can never be plagiarized which is a growing and worrying global phenomena.

And I get to earn an income from the first sale of my book plus from readers re-selling my books.

Instead of throwing away a book once done or letting it languish in the e-reader, a reader can now resell my books after reading and get paid for it!

A win-win all around.

Given that I write self-empowerment books for women, this especially makes me happy. I want to reach out to women from Timbuktu to Tehran, and this technology allows me to do just that.

Blockchain is not the future. It is right here and right now.

And I’m super excited to be a pioneering member of this groundbreaking movement.

Check out the Montreal-based online publishing company that is on the cutting edge of how books will be bought and sold.