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Hello Rebel Divas!

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Do you hate your job? Do you wish you could just enjoy your days doing work you love?

If you said yes to any of these questions, this video is for you! This week, on The Rebel Diva Show, I share what I’ve learned about how to find your passions, how to monetize it and what do to first to change direction.

Here are the three questions to ask:
1. What idea/concept/thought/activity brings you joy, lights you up, tugs at your heart strings and make you obsess it day in and day out?
2. How are other people in the same industry monetising similar talents and skills to you?
3. What’s the one activity you can do to try out (explore, test, experiment) this passion idea?

I also share with you a personal life story to show how sad it is to not stand in our won power and follow our dreams.

Watch the video to hear the story and learn how you to ask and follow up on these three key questions.

The Rebel Diva live video series tackles one self-empowerment topic every episode and shares practical tips to living a happy, healthy and holistic life. Living the Rebel Life means going against the grain and standing in our own power. It means finding the work that brings you joy and following your passions in life! 

Choose the career you desire, not what others want for you. 

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The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath

The Fear Buster by Tikiri Herath