The Rebel DIVA Academy®

The Rebel Diva Academy® offers a self-discovery and personal empowerment program based on the Rebel Diva book series. These courses will take you by the hand and teach you how to bust your fears, find your purpose, follow your passions and create a masterplan for the career and life you desire.

Join a community of sassy, spunky women like yourself who wish to stand in their own power and follow their own path.

Be a Rebel Diva.

Rebel Diva Empowerment Series Book Four - Bust Your Fears by Tikiri Herath

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Are you seeking a new job doing what you love? Do you yearn to change your career and follow your passions for a change?
It’s time to own your life and follow the path you were meant to.
Read on to learn how.

Change yourself and change the world


The lessons in the Rebel Diva series come from two decades of experience across four continents and more than a hundred thousand dollars of formal and informal education. These are the lessons I learned from starting off as an immigrant girl who cleaned toilets to pay for university to managing multi-million dollar national projects and becoming an award-winning author. 

During my journeys, I saw that when women succeed, their family and community grow and improve as well. So, my goal with these books is to create a global tribe of smart and gutsy women who will uplift their own lives so they may uplift the world.

When we become more self-aware, we gain more clarity to what’s going on around us. We get crystal clear on what we accept and what we will not tolerate in our lives or in the world. Our vision expands and our compassion grows.

When we take care of ourselves we find pride within us. When we stand in our own power, we rise into positions where we gain respect and credibility.

When we lift ourselves up, we lift the world.

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